5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of the Snakes Under the Shed or Porch

Akron snake

Before you go into panic mode when you discover a snake beneath your porch or shed, understand that most snakes found in the country are non-poisonous. Furthermore, they significantly contribute to keeping a balanced ecosystem. They will feast on the pests that destroy our crops and ruin our garden. Nonetheless, we still could not discount the fact that most people are afraid of snakes and will not want them anywhere on their property. Luckily there are some natural and effective ways to get rid of them.

How Do You Get Rid of the Snakes Under Your Porch or Shed?
Note that we are only recommending a DIY removal method for individuals who understand the snake's behavior and biology. While there's a possibility that it may not be venomous, it can still attack once it feels cornered and threatened.

Will Sealing Your Homes be Effective Against Snakes?
Keep snakes away from the space under your porch by sealing all the possible entry points. Start by inspecting your shed and looking for the sections that are vulnerable to the snake's invasion. Remember that snakes are adept at fitting even in small spaces, so be sure to seal the tiniest gap. If you plan to surround the area with a mesh wire or a hardware cloth, look for the product with the smallest lattice. Aside from keeping the snakes away, it will be equally effective in ensuring that other nuisance creatures will remain at bay.

Will Dealing with Pest Problems Solve Your Snake Problems?
Different types of insects, voles, rats, mice, slugs, and crickets, can capture the snakes' interest. These are the common source of food for the slithering creature. If you have an existing wildlife or insect infestation, dealing with this problem will make you less prone to a snake visit. Keep your area clean and have a proper waste management system to avoid drawing these urban pests and insects' attention.

Will Simple Modifications Be Effective Against Snakes?
Yes. Simple modifications can significantly limit the possibility that a snake will end up under your porch or shed. Start by trimming the bush and grass in your yard. Remove any piles of rocks or woods that they can use as a hiding spot. You should also get rid of their access from damp areas. If you have any drainage issues, it is time to fix them. Slow-draining pots and birdbaths are also potential water sources for the snakes.

Hire the Service of the Professionals
Proper identification of the species of snakes requires knowledge and experience. If you don't know how to discern a venomous snake from a non-venomous, it is recommended to let the professionals handle this. Also, they have the equipment and materials necessary to extract the animals safely from your shed.

There is also a chance that the snakes will leave your property on their own accord. If this is the first time that you saw them on your property, there is a chance that they will stay temporarily. Snakes are more scared than what we think of. It will immediately flee if it notices a high level of human activity in your area. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Akron